If you’re reading this then know that you’re one step closer to giving the world the best of you, and we want to see you rule the world! On behalf of 176 Avenue, we care for your health and wellbeing especially during this period of MCO now, hence we have carefully curated this exclusive nail care kit just for you!

Our Exclusive Nail Care Kit consists of:-

❤️ 176 Avenue Exclusive Water Tumbler – to keep you hydrated ( keep warm/ cold for more than 8 hours!)

❤️ 176 Avenue Exclusive Facemask – to keep you safe (comes with pouch)

❤️ O.P.I Nail Envy Strengthener – Just like how we all strengthen our bodies, this nail strengthener helps to
strengthen your nails so it grows strong and bold – like you!

❤️ O.P.I Cuticle Oil – We all want to look good and feel good, don’t we? Just like you, your nails want to look and feel good too! This cuticle oil helps improve the health and appearance of your nails!

❤️ Nail Clipper and Nail Buffer Set – It’s these things that help your nails get into shape without exercising!

❤️ BCL Organic Spa Set – What’s better than staying home with a DIY Home Spa? Sign me up girl!

❤️ 176 Avenue RM50 Cash Voucher – cause why not?!

❤️ 176 Avenue Exclusive Personalised Kit Box

❗️The Colour of the water tumbler and BCL Spa will be chosen at random.❗️