If you’re reading this then know that you’re one step closer to giving the world the best of you, and we want to see you rule the world! On behalf of 176 Avenue, we care for your health and wellbeing especially during this period of MCO now, hence we have carefully curated this exclusive eyelash care kit just for you!

Our Exclusive Eyelash Care Kit consists of:-

❤️ 176 Avenue Exclusive Water Tumbler – to keep you hydrated (keep warm/ cold for more than 8 hours!)

❤️ 176 Avenue Exclusive Facemask – to keep you safe (comes with pouch)

❤️ 176 Avenue Silk Eyemask – to get your beauty sleep (100% pure mulberry silk with pouch)

❤️ iLash Serum – Honey you gotta keep your lashes long and your standards high.

❤️ Lint Free Cotton Pad – You’ve got cotton stuck in your eyelashes? Pfft can’t relate.

❤️ Eyelash Brushes – Brush your lashes like how you brush the bad vibes away!

❤️ Eyelash Sponge – Don’t forget to clean your lashes so your extensions last as long as this pandemic!

❤️ 176 Avenue RM50 Cash Voucher – cause why not?!

❤️ 176 Avenue Exclusive Personalised Kit Box

❗️Colour of water tumbler and silk eye mask will be chosen at random.❗️