Rebonding: Rebonding uses slightly different chemicals than relaxing as well as heat in order to straighten the hair. Rebonding is done by the application of a solution, usually a perming solution with strong chemicals like sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, and ammonium thioglycolate or thio. This process breaks the hair bonds. Then a flat iron is used to reset the hair bonds and make the hair straight.

Relaxing: This procedure uses chemicals to straighten the hair by breaking down and reforming the hair’s components. Typically, the treatment does not straighten the hair completely. Rather, it softens very tight or kinky curls. Many women find they still need to straighten their hair after having it relaxed if they want it to be completely straight.


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A keratin treatment is a chemical process that smooths and shines frizzy hair. Results can last up to six months. The keratin treatments dive into the hair follicle and inject porous areas with keratin, an essential hair protein. Your hair will appear healthier.

Keratin treatments work by:

  • smoothing down your hair
  • filling in gaps in the proteins of each hair strand
  • helping hair look thicker and smooth
  • making hair look glossy and straighter in appearance
  • making your hair more manageable
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  1. Roots Perm –  A root perm is a perming technique where only the 2-4 inches of hair nearest the scalp is permed. This gives the appearance of greater volume for naturally flat hair. (last approx 1-2months)
  2. Gorgeous Wave – A permanent wave, where the curls are tight and give more volume to your hair.
  3. Digital Perm – A digital perm makes the wave most prominent when the hair is dry, and loose when it is wet. Therefore you can create the dry and curly look. Digital perms thermally recondition the hair, though the chemicals and processing are similar to a straight perm.
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Yes! It’s called low impact balayage and the price ranges from RM336 to RM486.

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Balayage is a French word that means to sweep or paint; it’s a highlighting technique. Ombré means to shadow, and it’s a seamless gradiation from darker to lighter. People do get confused by the two but you can also combine them in a merged technique which can be very pretty.

Sombré is a much softer version of ombré and is still popular, especially with the charcoal grey trend.

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The price starts from RM86 to RM886. Asian high impact dimension blonde range from RM486 to RM986. Price is based on hair length and how many times you bleach. (Max bleaching 3x) . Pre-lightening included and exclude hair cut and treatment.

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